Friday, March 31, 2006

JavaOne 2006

I am going again. I have gone since 1998-2004. I missed last year as I did not want my brain to explode. The balance of marketing folks / technical folks was just getting so painful you didn't really want to talk to anyone anymore - you'd get a "Hi! Are you a Java Developer? We have the most exciting 3D Bar code software in the world. I am sure you could use it. Can I have your card?"

In 1998, most of the folks I met off the tradeshow floor were developers and architects. Most / all of them were interesting and working on really hard problems. Each year more marketing and sales folks seemed to find their way off the floor and into the crowds of developers, making random contacts less and less appealing. Finally in 2004, 90% of the conference attendees I met were non-technical (non-interesting). Could it be that most / all of the hard problems have been solved and a lot of the "developers" who attend are most vexed by the by the yawn inspiring difficulties of different tag libraries and nuances or markup languages? I am counting on some interesting BOF sessions.

It might be sad, but I am thinking that the Netbeans day might be the best part of the trip. I have heard some things about Jackpot and I have been using Matisse for a while. I have to say it is like the netbeans guys got a brain transplant. Their stuff looks great, the features are amazing, unique and very useful.

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