Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting Things Done in Windows

I had been using the GTD outlook plugin and found this to be helpful in minor ways.  It's main fault in my mind is that it takes the GTD model, where the project / task is the center of things and actaully makes email the center of things.  It is really a poor system to capture "all items" and there is not an easy way to get the information out and into a trusted system.

Download Squad just pointed out an alternative to the GTD plugin and I am finding it quite interesting and useful.  It is not strictly a GTD Outlook plugin but it does seem to add tools that make Outlook a much more powerful system for dealing with and taking advantage of the mountains of email we all get.  I am looking forward to using this tool for a few weeks to see if it can help me get and stay organized in my pseudo-GTD life.


Brad Meador said...

Jeff - thanks for giving ClearContext a try. FYI - I have collected some links on how folks use ClearContext with GTD in our forums:

If you have any questions about the product, feel free to send them my way at brad at clearcontext dot com.

Enjoy the product,
Brad Meador

chadmany2k said...

GTD plugins can truly help with productivity. David Allen's book has a lot of that info in it. On my own, I found Outlook Track-It and it's been great. It's a toolbar for outlook that flags emails for followup reminders. If you ever want to follow up but just can't remember, this could save you.

Bane said...

thanks for console stuff. And to the reply, I've used Outlook Track-It for a year and it's been great, as far as flagging emails for replies. Small toolbars don't get in the way. Therefore -- I am happy.