Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Manager Tools Podcast

As someone who likes to pretend he is still an amazing developer (even though most of my time is now spent doing "Architecture" and PowerPoint slides) it is with great trepidation that I look at things with the word "Manager" in them. Well, "Memory | Thread Manager" is okay. But everything else is right out.

So, here goes.

"Hi, My Name is Jeff and I listened to a podcast called 'Manager Tools' on purpose."

Whew - I feel better now.

This afternoon I stumbled across the Manager Tools Podcast as I was looking for something else on iTunes. I think the only reason I listened to it at all is that the diagram/logo looks hand drawn and very "un-management-like" so I was caught in their net of uncertainty. I wondered - was this a serious podcast or a tounge-in-cheek podcast - how were they using the word tools? Within 5 minutes of listening I was hooked. It is a serious podcast - one with real information presented in an interesting and useful way. At this point, I have listened to 4 of their podcasts and I feel smarter about career related things in general. I even went to their website and looked at the forums. Even more great stuff.

If you work at a job on this planet and you have to interact with anyone at all ever, this material is, IMHO, shockingly timely, interesting, copious and useful.

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