Thursday, November 15, 2007

Enterprise Architecture Stories - Nov 14, 07

A friend of mine at a large fortune 500 company is part of a global Enterprise Architecture governance board where the group recently decided what to do with LAMP as far as internal platform support. It became apparent, days later, that one of the leads of the community and all of the top tier consultants that support that person didn't know that PHP and LAMP are "related issues".

I asked my friend how a governing body can rule on something whose acronym is a mystery. My friend shrugged and said "meh". You can't make this stuff up.


En-her-gy Girl said...

Oh my freaky goodness.

And I thought my ignorance was intense.

At least I would have bothered to look it up.

David said...


I would try to think of a more interesting comment, but I truly can't stop laughing.