Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rails in Corporate America

So, I have been using Ruby on Rails for a bit now on a project for a not-for-profit group and I have to say I am enamored with it. I can make huge progress on various bits of the web app each session. I know it is cliche, but development is fun again.

I am running Windows so I am a bit out in the cold as far as tools go. I don't get to use the nifty text editor that all of the Mac folks use. But I found and I like RadRails in the Windows environment and besides from the occasional crash and a few annoyances, it meets my needs just fine.

The questions one everyone's mind is how do you bring in Rails into a Fortune 100 company that is standardized on J2EE (BEA Weblogic), Struts, and the like?

I have looked at Trails and it is a good idea, but tapestry gives me a headache and I just don't see this as a 1:1 comparison with Rails.

It would be great if someone from a larger corporation had a case study of implementing an application with Rails. Maybe someone from the Pragmatic group would know...

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