Friday, October 14, 2005

MTB ride in Southern Utah

Greg and Jeff at the trail head. Mark took the photo. We are in St George and on the Bear Claw Poppy trail. We are right above the formation called the "Three Fingers of Death".

Greg after having an argument with a large rock. We were on a roller-coaster section of trail, going very fast and just off to the right is a deep gully with associated rocks. Greg went quite fast and his front tire stopped and he did not. It took him 1.5 hours before he could stand up, but once he did, he walked 5 miles out of the trail. Rawr. I am a shade tree.

Greg on the outside of his skin. Concussion, shoulder abrasion, shattered clavical and 2 broken ribs and yet, he was laughing about it all. His sling was an inner tube that Mark had tied together. Tough cookie.

Greg on the inside of his skin. Shattered clavicle. That should be a straight line and there shouldn't be any floaty bits of bone in there.

It was awesome to hang out with my brother (we live on opposite sides of the country). It is a bummer he got hurt and we will have to do it again. Without the hurting this time.

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frank said...

Thank you for this info about your incredible bike trip. It certaily was an experience to be remembered.

Mother has a secondary memory of this from her injury after we took Greg back home. She had the surgery to correct some of the damage but still has a lot of trouble from it.